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Erotic Mind Control.

Imagine allowing your mind to slip into the control of another human being within a sexual setting, their words alone granting them power over your very existence, an experience that is as equally unique as it is enticing. If the idea of completely letting go, granting another human being the ability to access and open the deepest and the kinkiest of doors within your brain so that arousal and sexual pleasure are heightened to levels never before known, sounds enticing; then erotic mind control just might be for you.

What is Erotic Hypnosis? Before getting into erotic hypnosis, let us start with standard forms of hypnosis. Hypnosis is the process in which a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist, through the power of the spoken word and other cues, places their subject into a trance-like state of extreme focus and concentration. This state is also a state of relaxation, and can be compared to being asleep. You are, however, awake and (somewhat) aware of what is going on. During hypnosis, the trance you are placed in allows your mind to become more open to accepting information, ideas, advice, and actions, and you will soon see how this relates to sexuality. This open state of mind allows new ideas and ideologies to become rooted into the subject’s brain as reality. This can help negate negative forms of thinking through the processing and understanding of the way they think and feel.

Erotic hypnosis is exactly the same thing as hypnosis, but the focus of the proposals, advice, and direction of the hypnosis therapy will focus entirely on sexuality. This means that the subject will either become more prone to trying new things, understanding new ideas, ridding of negative past sexual experiences that now hold back their sexuality, or simply acting as a form of a dominant and submissive relationship.



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