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Nipple and Breast Orgasms: What They Are & How to Have One By D. Doll

Yes, it’s true!

These types of climaxes are called nipple orgasms (or nipplegasms for short), and they can be achieved by stimulating the breasts and (or) nipples by themselves, without any genital stimulation at all.

How amazing is that?

So, if you are curious about nipple orgasms and how to have one, read on, as we explore the mysterious world of nipplegasms together.

It wasn’t that long ago that sexologists believed that women could only experience two types of orgasms: clitoral and vaginal.


Then women started finding several of these hot erogenous zones all over their body and the understanding of female orgasms evolved.

Yah for orgasms!

So, while it may seem surprising that nipple orgasms are even possible, there is now science that shows just how orgasmic nipples can be.

Seriously… read on!

  • Breast specialist and surgeon Dr Kristi Funk says that one third of women can climax solely by having their nipples caressed. Fantastic! Funk also suggests nipple play to help women who can’t achieve climax become more orgasmic.

  • When the breasts are aroused, they can swell up to 25% more than their usual size, making them even more sensitive to touch and pleasure. Both the nipples and areolas swell as well, and the nipples become erect. So, if you want bigger, perkier boobs, give them more attention!

  • Nipples contain hundreds of nerve endings making them very sensitive to arousal and pleasure.

  • The majority of women find nipple stimulation very arousing. In one study, researchers found that 81.5% of women (and 51.7% of men) experienced enhanced sexual arousal when their nipples were erotically played with. Lovehoney also did a survey in 2017 that showed 63% of couples love nipple play. Rock on!

  • Another study found that nipple stimulation activates the same area of the brain that is turned on during genital stimulation (the genital sensory cortex) which means our nipples are erotically hardwired to the clitoris, which is why nipplegasms are possible. Thank you brain!

  • Nipple stimulation triggers the secretion of neurochemicals from the brain that have a cascade effect on the body, increasing sexual pleasure. Dopamine, the “feel-good” chemical of pleasure, is released during arousal, and is associated with desire and sexual gratification. Dopamine also increases testosterone levels in men and androgens on women, which in turn enhances libido and sexual desire. Testosterone further boosts blood flow to the female genitals, heightening arousal and stimulating lubrication, which enriches sexual function. Happy hormones

  • Another neurochemical, Oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone”, which is associated with passion, affection and bonding, also increases during nipple stimulation and then skyrockets at orgasm. Oxytocin is also the hormone that triggers uterine contractions and stimulation of the breasts can cause the same type of contractions in the uterus, thus producing an orgasm.

  • Nipples are most sensitive to pressure and vibration. So, get out those vibrators ladies!

Okay. We now know from science why nipplegasms are possible for most women and even some men. But, what exactly is a nipple orgasm (and a breast orgasm for that matter) and what is the difference between them?

Dr. Ava Cadell says that a nipplegasm is a form of “unigasm”. This type of orgasm happens when a primary erogenous zone is stimulated by itself with no other type of physical stimulation. A unigasm can be an intense, concentrated peak of pleasure, such as a clitoral orgasm.

The opposite of a unigasm is an expanded orgasm (or bi or trigasm), where multiple pleasure zones are stimulated simultaneously, producing a full body orgasm that isn’t isolated to only one area. Nipple orgasms are produced from nipple stimulation alone, without the help of genital stimulation.

A breast orgasm combines breast and nipple stimulation together to achieve orgasm. While the breasts do contain nerve endings, they are much more concentrated at the nipples. So, nipple stimulation usually needs to occur for a breast orgasm to happen.

Apparently, yes! Guys can reach orgasm through nipple stimulation too. Men have approximately the same number of nerve endings in their nipples as women, so it makes sense that guy’s nipples can become just as orgasmic. Similar studies that showed the nipple’s correlation to genital orgasm in the brain found that men show the same patterned response in the genital brain regions as women do. So, that’s good news for guys.

How men’s nipplegasms may differ from women’s has not been extensively researched, but men have described them as feeling “deeper”, “intense”, “strong and powerful”, “hyperventilating… with peaks of pleasure”, “a full body orgasm … with a vibrating pulsing muscle thing… echo[ing] through [their] body.” OMG!

That said, women tend to have more nerve endings overall on their body than men, and a man’s skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s. This may be why women’s nipples are more sensitive than a man’s. And, women’s nipples were made for sucking, so it may just be that many men don’t consider their own nipples to be orgasmic.

Now that you know that nipplegasms are a thing, you may be wondering how can you experience one?

Here are some steps you can try to begin exploration of nipple stimulation and pleasure. Keep in mind, everyone is different when it comes to what they find arousing and how easily they can be turned on by specific stimulation. Learning new ways to create sexual pleasure and create new pleasure pathways in the brain can take time and practice. Therefore, being open and curious during your exploration can aid in the process so you can learn what feels erotic to you. And, remember its play, so no pressure and have fun!

Step One: Set the Mood

As with any other type of sexual play, whether solo or with a partner, it helps to set a sensual mood and atmosphere designed to arouse the senses and turn you on. So, do whatever you normally do to make yourself feel amorous: light candles, play music, have a sensual bath or full body massage. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to tap into your orgasmic potential.

Step Two: Foreplay

While some people can go directly to their nipples and achieve orgasm, most of us have to experience a certain level of foreplay to get aroused. For most women, it usually takes about 20 minutes to get aroused enough to achieve orgasm. The saying goes, women are like a kettle of water that heat up slowly, so give yourself lots of time to get warmed up.

Step Three: Embody Sensation

Begin by slowly teasing your way over your body with your fingertips with a feather light touch. Tease your various erogenous zones first before going anywhere near the breasts or nipples. Try the curve of your hips, inside your thighs, the ribs, the belly, the neck and the face. Allow yourself to build up sexual tension and anticipation s-l-o-w-l-y, taking pleasure in the feel of your touch. Immerse yourself in that moment of time, without any other agenda than feeling pleasure right now and becoming in tune with embodying the erotic sensations you are feeling.

Step Four: Intention and Attention

There is a saying, energy flows where attention goes. Set yourself an intention to feel as much pleasure as possible, nothing more. Then, use your imagination to visualize the sexual energy coursing through your body, making the connection from your genitals to your breasts and back, firing up the desire burning inside of you. You can also use your imagination to create an erotic fantasy in your mind’s eye that turns you on as well.

Step Five: Breath

The breath is fuel to the fire of your orgasm. It helps activate more awareness, enlivens the senses, and moves orgasmic energy around your body. More oxygen equals more pleasure!

Watch the Ocean Wave Tantric Orgasmic Breathing Practice below by Ronja Sebastian to learn how to do orgasmic breathing.

Step Six: Teasing Your Breasts

Continue to slowly tease your body with feather light touch, now bringing your attention to your breasts. Graze your fingertips lighting around your breasts in large circles, slowly narrowing in on the bull’s eye, as you spiral towards your nipples. But, don’t touch your nipples yet! Tease around the nipples in slow erotic strokes until your nipples crave your touch, and then softly caress over and around the nipples allowing them to naturally perk up with erotic goosebumps. Do this for as long as you like, then begin the Erotic Taoist Breast Massage technique below.

Step Seven: Erotic Taoist Breast Massage

The Erotic Taoist Breast Massage can be practiced daily as a way to self-love your breasts, to improve breast health, activate the erotic energy meridians, firm and lift the breast tissue, detoxify the lymphatic system and, awaken your breasts and sexual hormones to more orgasmic energy and pleasure! The more you practice this technique, the more it will begin to awaken your breasts and turn up your pleasure potential.

  • Pour massage oil into the palms of your hands. I recommend using natural organic coconut oil to massage with.

  • Rub them together vigorously to build heat.

  • Begin by stroking up between your breasts, then around the breasts in uplifting circles (don’t rub or press the breasts down, you want to uplift them).

  • Turn your hand into a claw shape and knead the breasts all over to release tension and toxins.

  • Continue to stroke around the breasts narrowing in on the nipple.

  • You can rock your hips back and forth to create an orgasmic flow, like in the Ocean Wave Breathing Practice above.

  • Clench and hold your PC muscle to build sexual energy in that area, then release with your breath, as you continue to massage and arouse the breasts.

Step Eight: Nipple Circles and Enhanced Stimulation

By now, you should be getting aroused. You can begin to do circles around your nipples and over the nipples again to awaken them. Try pinching your nipple at the base, so your fingers are lightly pinching around the areola (this is the most sensitive part!), and then gently tugging them out and up. Continue pinching and tugging in a rhythmic manner, as hard or soft as you like, whatever feels best to you.

Step Nine: Licking and Sucking

If you have a partner with you, you can ask them to erotically lick and suck on your nipples if that feels good. Sucking the nipples releasing oxytocin, so will help build arousal in the body. If you don’t have a partner, you can wet your fingers with your own saliva, and rub and tug on your nipples as if your fingers were your lover’s mouth. You can even imagine this in your mind if that turns you on. Alternately, see the suction vibrator in the Nipple Stimulation Toys section below.

Nipple Sensation Play Techniques

Nipple sensation play is a form of Sensate Focus, a technique developed by Masters and Johnson created to help couples overcome sexual problems and to heighten pleasure and intimacy. Sensate focus is usually done all over the body, first avoiding the erogenous zones, but today we will adapt this practice for breast and nipple arousal. This works best for partner play, but you can also experiment solo to try out different and new forms of pleasure. Try using a blindfold during partner play as well, to rev up sexual tension and excitement!

The key to sensual touch is to just explore sensations in the body, or in this case the breasts, and find out what feels good to you. Experiment with various types of touch, pressure, rhythm, and variety. The giver should be aware of how their touch is being received, and the receiver should communicate back to their partner with directions on how to touch, such as: harder, softer, more, right there, don’t stop… you know the process.

Nipple Clamps: Oh yeah, nipple clamps. Nipple clamps are design to put pressure on the nipple by squeezing them with a pincher type clamp. The best ones to try for beginners are Alligator Clamps that you can screw to tighten, adjusting the pressure. Nipple clamps shouldn’t be painful, unless that is your goal. They should pinch the nipples to create more sensation, and stop the blood flow to the nipples. When they are removed, the blood flows back and the sensation is amplified. Don’t keep nipple clamps on longer than five or ten minutes when starting out and twenty minutes should be max. Watch the nipples so they don’t get cold, or turn blue or purple. You want to keep them happy and healthy for future play. If you don’t have nipple clamps you can try regular clothes pins (plastic ones are best). But beware, they don’t adjust and can be much more intense and painful.

Suction Vibrators: Oooh! Suction vibrators (also known as clit suckers) are my favorite. These are designed to hug the clitoris and provide suction and vibration at the same time for 1-minute orgasms. They also work especially well on nipples, especially if you don’t have a partner and want to experience that sucking feeling. Oxytocin yum!

Stimulating Balms: There are lots of stimulating balms on the market designed for nipple play. Some warm, some cool, some tingle and some do a nipple Tango. Okay, not the Tango part! Experiment with different sensations to see what you like!

But, Why Aren’t My Nipples Sensitive?

While nearly 82% of women say they enjoy nipple and breast stimulation, there is that other 18% who don’t. And, hey, that’s okay! Just because someone else enjoys it, doesn’t mean you have to. We are all unique and have different things that turn us on. And your experience is both valid and normal for you.

Whether your breast and nipples are sensitive or not depends on a variety of factors: your estrogen and progesterone levels; the time of the month (if you are on your period or not); the density of your breast tissue or nerve endings; or if you have experienced nerve damage. Other causes for desensitization could be breast surgery like augmentation or a partial mastectomy that can cause nerve damage, injury, breast cancer treatments, or simply by wearing a bra that doesn’t fit or is too tight.

How to Get Sensation in My Nipples?

The brain is our biggest erogenous zone and you can rewire your brain by creating new pathways to pleasure, that allow your breasts and nipples to increase their sensitivity and become more orgasmic over time. Be patient as you experiment with new stimulation techniques as you allow yourself to develop new sensitivity.

Let your breasts and nipples go free! Don’t confine your breasts to a bra all the time, give them freedom to move and fresh air on them whenever you get the chance.

Give yourself a daily breast massage. This will get you used to touching your breasts and experiencing touch, so you can develop a healthy, loving and erotic relationship with your breasts.

Try out sensual senate play techniques as detailed above to see what types of touch elicit a response.

So that’s the scoop on everything you ever wanted to know about breast and nipple orgasms. Hopefully you have learned something new you can take home to the bedroom to experiment with and start having your own awesome nipplegasms today!

Remember, boobs, breasts, titties, tatas, nipples and mammaries are fun to play with and can be quite orgasmic with the right attention. So, start playing with them more if you want to learn how to experience exquisite nipple orgasms, and if you don’t like it, no worries. Nipplegasms are not for everyone, so find other ways to turn yourself on. (o)(o)!

Are your nipples orgasmic?

Tell us your experience below!


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