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Orgasm From Penetration: How Rare Is It?

Most vulva owners can orgasm through clitoral stimulation, nothing new there. Add clitoral stimulation to penetration and almost 70% of vulva owners will be able to orgasm. Only some can climax from penetration alone. So while not all vulva owners may be able to (even with practice), climaxing from penetration could be available for you with the right techniques. Today we’re sharing some pleasure practices you can add to your love-making if this is something you would like to try. So let’s dive into how you can catch this mythical creature in the deep oceans of pussy pleasure.

Tips on How to Orgasm From Penetration

Most of the "work" will be done by vulva owners. Makes sense, right? Other people aren’t responsible for our orgasms. Partners, there are valuable tips for you, so read on!

The easiest way to have an orgasm from penetration is through the G-spot. If you consistently stimulate and feel pleasure from it, you have a greater chance of cumming with a thrusting toy, finger, or penis. So here is how you can start playing with this new love practice:

1. Self-pleasure with penetration

Practice orgasming from combined clitoral and vaginal stimulation, known as blended orgasms. This will teach your body and brain to build neural pathways to orgasm from both areas. It could eventually lead to climax from vaginal penetration alone.

2. Explore your pace A slow and steady rhythm is good to build up pleasure when exploring what paces of thrusting work for you. Experiment with soft and slow, hard and fast… Just try to let go of expectations of having "porn-like" intercourse for it.

3. Tap into all pleasure zones The G-spot, A-spot, and cervix are all located inside the vagina and can lead you to orgasm. Awakening these spots and learning to stimulate them can add another layer of pleasure during penetration.

4. Angles are magic

For 87% of vulva owners, the right angle of penetration is key to orgasm! Find out how to position the hips and angle the thrusting penis or toy for maximum pleasure for you.

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5. Be patient and enjoy the ride

It could take a while, months even, to rewire the circuits that make you orgasm. Make sure to have lots of fun and pleasure while practicing—that’s all that matters.


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