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Sex Games for Long Distance Relationships.

Sex Games for Long Distance Relationships. by VT | Sep 26, 2021 |

So you and your partner are long distance- it’s not ideal for many. But the good news is that it lets you have some creative fun when it comes to sex. Try out these sex games for long distance relationships and see how you can keep the fire aflame from afar with these long distance sex games to keep the spice, despite the space.

Truth or Dare If you’re just getting going with playing sex games for long distance relationships, it’s A-Ok to start with a basic like Truth or Dare. While it’s everyone’s favorite game from middle school, it doesn’t take much to make it more exciting for your adult relationship.

If you forget the premise, the trick is to take turns asking one another, “Truth or dare?” and then responding with either a fun secret or an exciting challenge. If you’re looking for sex games for long distance relationships, playing this with the emphasis of keeping it seductive is pivotal.

Try asking your partner some “Truth” questions like: “What sex position would you most like to see me in right now?” or “What’s the one sexual fantasy you’ve never said aloud before?”. You’ll be able to both learn more about them AND get turned on if you keep up the frisky questioning.

When it comes to “Dare” s, try out “I dare you to put your phone between your legs while it’s on vibrate, and I call” or “I dare you to do something to your body that feels good”.

Encourage one another to keep the playful spirit by not sprinting to the sexting. Keep it lighthearted, and let the game naturally heat up as you progress. Before long, you may even forget that your long distance sex game doesn’t involve physical contact- well, at least from each other. When you’re ready, try out the sexiest “Dare” s you can think of and have your partner send you proof of their completion. Sneaky Selfies Every long distance couple is familiar with sending selfies to one another. Without them, we could forget what our loved ones looked like! If you aren’t already, even just integrating quick shots of your face every day is a great way of keeping in touch. But if you’re looking for sex games for long distance relationships, know that your selfies can take a spicy turn.

Here’s the key to a good sexy selfie game- GO GRADUAL. We all know it can be uncomfortable when someone forwards a naughty pic when you’re at lunch with your mom. By going gradual, you’ll also be playing more with one another. Sex games for long distance relationships need to gradually progress a lot as typical ones do.

Consider a date night. Try going out to dinner alone, but with your spouse virtually. Keep each other updated on your meal and drinks by sending pictures and texts. Just like a normal date, find spaces to sneak away and get flirty. Sexy pictures in the bathroom can make your partner blush from afar. While you may not get to see it, imagine how precious your partner’s blush might be as they open a sexy selfie from you at the bar.

Sending sexy selfies from different locations is an excellent way for sex games for long distance relationships to not be isolating. Just because your partner isn’t next to you doesn’t mean you can’t get out of the house and find fun things to do. The best sex games for long distance relationships are the ones that you can keep playing and keep living.

Sex games for long distance relationships do indeed actually involve sex. Masturbating on a camera or sending them pictures of your pleasure is a great way to make things hot and heavy. When you and your partner are both clearly feeling frisky, escalate to some more lewd pictures or get fun with a video chat. Need help taking the hottest nude photo to send? We’ve got you covered! Sexy Shopping Spree The best sex games for long distance relationships create something real and tangible. What is more tangible than a package from a loved one? Gift giving is a love language for a reason; tons of people really find a connection from opening up a present that they know someone took the time to pick out just for them.

Sex games for couples in long distance relationships can be as simple as sharing shipping links. Try sending your partner the following links:

  • Something that would solve a problem they are facing.

  • Something that reminds you of them.

  • Something you’d like to see them in.

  • Something you’d like to wear for them.

  • Something that would help them feel good.

After they’ve checked out the links you sent them (or before if you’re feeling extra brave), order something and let them know it’s on the way. You’ll have the shipping notification, so you can even tell them when to go outside and check for packages. By bringing something tangible, you’ll remind your partner that you’re always closer at heart. Sex games for long distance relationships are always the best when they end sexy too! Don’t forget to ask for “user reviews” from some of your favorite purchases. Ask your partner to send pictures of their presents in use, so you know that your shopping trip was effective.

Spicy Storytime

Role play is fun in person. It’s a great way to get creative and play with sexy concepts with your partner. But how do you integrate that into a sex game for a long distance relationship? You tell stories by texting!

Stories are typically the most engaging part of any role playing game. Think of the traditional tropes you know- the sexy school teacher, the secret romance, the “one that got away” and get creative. Pick one that excites you and your partner.

The best sex games for long distance relationships integrate with play effortlessly, and your phone is just the ticket. Believe it or not, this one may be even easier than role playing in real life. Start a new text chain with your partner and title it something new. Change your profile picture and name and start texting them just like your role play character would. Your story will naturally evolve as your characters create a story together.

Of course, when the story takes a naughty turn, don’t forget to share the story’s best developments with them too. Dressing up can be a fun way to take the role play to your selfie sharing too. Take time to enjoy each other and the characters you created together.

Once you pick the long distance sex game, the key to any of the best sex games for long distance relationships is to keep playing it and having fun. It can be sad that your partner is away, and there are still real things to grieve about not having them close. You may miss how nice their body feels, or they may melt into your kisses. Take a minute to be sad if you need to and share that with your partner too. It can be cathartic to share the experience of not having one another physically close. But when you’re done with that, find something to play. Sex games for couples in long distance relationships help you find at least some of what you’re missing.

Technology has made it much easier for long distance relationships. With phones, tablets, and laptops, sex games for long distance relationships are easier to integrate into your daily practice. Playing more together will help you both work through the sad feeling that comes from missing a loved one. Finding play and gratitude for your time apart is pivotal in helping your faraway love stay fresh and joyful.


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