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Sending naughty messages to your partner or current FWB can be super erotic and it is an easy way to spice things up especially when you may not physically be together.

Once you are able to get past the potential feelings of initial awkwardness (which are totally normal), sexting will help you use your imagination and vocalize your desires and, in turn, give your partner the opportunity to do same. Knowing the right thing to say or, how to respond to a s3xt will only make things steamier between you and your current person.

Here are 4 tips to up your sexting game:

1) Start slow: As with sex, a little warmup/foreplay works great to set the mood. Start the conversation with an opening that shows you’re ready to play without doing too much.

Try sending a selfie with some cleavage, for example, with a simple "Hey you" to grab their attention while making your intentions clear of what this chat can become if he responds.

2) Don’t stray too far from your comfort zone: Only do what you’re comfortable with. You can be anywhere between a "Can’t wait to love on you tonight" and a full on risky nude selfie. Start with something that makes you just a little uncomfortable — but doesn’t make you want to run and hide.

3) Use personal experiences as inspiration: If you are trying to find ideas on what to talk about, dig into your previous steamy sessions. You can send a text like “I love the way you were kissing my neck last night.” From there, you can move to thinking about what you would like to do the next time you see them and say “I can’t wait to feel your lips on every inch of my body again.”

4) Keep some sexy pics locked and loaded on your phone: Sexting is great when the responses are quick and lively. A great way to maintain the pace is to keep a set of stock selfies so you don’t have to deliberate in delivering an image. Also, taking sexy photos of yourself regularly can help you find your best angles and boost your confidence.

Bonus tip: You can try an app like Private Photo Vault to secure your pictures with a PIN lock on your phone.

Send that risky text today


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