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If you’re finding yourself wanting a deeper sexual experience outside of the usual day to day routine, mindfulness is a great place to start. Mindfulness is often associated with self care and meditation, but it can be transformative in the bedroom (Also pleasure= self care!).

If this sounds like a word that’s been thrown around a lot, that’s because it has. Living in a world where we are constantly encouraged to disconnect and receive immediate satisfaction, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to reconnect in a primal way.

So, mindfulness means being present in the current experience that you’re having. It sounds vague, but here are a few easy steps to creating a mindful sexual ritual whether you’re solo or partnered up.

1. Environment Matters Clean up, change the lighting, put yourself somewhere you enjoy being, let yourself know that something special is about to happen. 2. Get Into Your Body What does the room smell like? What sounds are passing through your ears? What tastes are lingering in your mouth? How does it feel to touch the back of your legs or your butt? What are your eyes focusing on? 3. Breathe Place your hands on your ribs and feel as they expand and contract as your lungs fill with air. Place a hand on your heart. Place a hand on your belly. No special techniques needed right now, just listen and connect. 4. Let Some Sound Out Inhale, and on the exhale release the sound that naturally comes out. It could be a moan, a growl, a sigh, a laugh, or even words. It’s good to feel silly doing this. What sounds are your body telling you to make? 5. Explore Movement Starting with gentle stretches from where you are, then working your way up to crawling or standing, moving your hips and waking up the sexual energy inside and letting it out. 6. Find Your Pleasure, Release Your Power Once you’ve warmed up the body, bring your focus into the present moment. Whether it’s solo or partner play, aim to stay present with your intention and actions. Sex can be transformative when we allow ourselves to be in the moment instead of drifting onto other things. 7. Close the Ritual After all the fun is had, it’s easy to move on to the next thing. Try instead, to bask in the experience of what just happened. This is a ritual to honor yourself, right? Admire what just happened. Then slowly let yourself come back to everything…


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