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The Best Sex Positions That Help Burn Calories ~K.W

Healthcare specialists advise that adults need 150 minutes of physical activity each week to maintain a healthy body. That roughly translates into 30 minutes 5 times a week, and what better way to get in some physical activity than with sex?

If you’re looking to get the best results out of using sex as your source of exercise, then you might as well experiment with sex positions that burn the most calories.

Starting from the least calorie burning to the most, here are six great positions that burn calories and guarantee mind-blowing orgasms:

6. Doggy Style

6th on the list of sex positions that burn calories is the beloved Doggy Style position. The bottom partner burns approximately 103 calories per 30 minutes, while the top partner should burn around 182 calories during the same time frame.

What is great about the Doggy Style position is that it can also engage certain types of muscle groups, so if you’re looking to burn calories and tone your muscles, you can do that while enjoying sex.

While the bottom partner is on all fours, their glutes and quadriceps are engaged. If you want to involve more muscle groups, then leaning your hands against the wall will also engage shoulders, biceps, and triceps, and it’ll also increase the number of calories burned.

It’s also important to note that Doggy Style is said to be one of the best sex positions for women that guarantee orgasms.

5. Legs Up

Second on the list is the Legs Up position that might not look like a sex position that burns calories at first sight but is actually very effective.

The bottom partner will burn around 116 calories per 30 minutes, while the top partner can burn around 127 calories. This position also can help the bottom partner improve their flexibility as they’ll be stretching their legs while working quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

Legs Up is also a great position to experiment with different penetration angles as the top partner can bend and shift around to find the best way to pleasure the bottom partner.

Also, this position could be an alternative to the missionary position if you still want to keep eye contact and intimacy while increasing the number of calories you burn.

4. Reverse Cowgirl

The list of the best sex positions that burn calories wouldn’t be complete without the Reverse Cowgirl. Not only is this position one of the best ones for women as being on top offers the best control and chances at orgasms, but it also burns quite a few calories.

The top partner can burn around 137 calories per 30 minutes, while the bottom partner burns around 48 calories. So, this one is definitely for the benefit of the top partner when it comes to getting the most out of exercise.

The top partner can also work their abdominal muscles during Reverse Cowgirl, and if you want to include even more muscle groups, then including squatting on top of the partner will give your legs and butt some extra work.

3. Cowgirl

Just like with the Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl is also a great way to burn some extra calories during sex. The top partner will burn around 139 calories per 30 minutes, while the bottom partner will burn around 48 calories.

Cowgirl offers more skin-on-skin contact and intimacy than the Reverse Cowgirl as partners can keep eye contact at all times and touch each other’s chests and breasts as well as kiss easily.

This position allows for a lot of control for the top partner, as they can be in charge of the speed, depth, and angles to suit them the best. Like with the Reverse Cowgirl, the top partner can engage their core muscles, giving them a workout. And squatting while riding the bottom partner will engage the butt and leg muscles.

2. Butter Churner

Butter Churner is the second-best position for burning the most calories, and it is more challenging than other sex positions on this list. The bottom partner can burn a whopping 179 calories per 30 minutes, while the top partner can burn around 211 calories.

That’s a lot of calories burned during sex. So, if you’re up for the challenge, it’s definitely worth a go.

Getting into this position might take a few tries, so don’t get discouraged. The bottom partner can either lie on their back or their belly, and the top partner stands above them and lifts their ass and legs into the air, almost bending the bottom partner in half.

Almost every muscle group will be engaged during Butter Churner for both partners, and it will also put your balancing skills to the test. Also, because this position offers a deep penetration angle, it’s perfect if you’re looking to have a cervix orgasm.

1. The Winner — The Squat

The number one on the list of best sex positions that burn calories is The Squat. This sex position will help the top partner burn around 188 calories per 30 minutes while the bottom partner will burn around 50.

This position is perfect for women as it gives them control over the penetration angle, depth, and speed while they’re on the top. If you’re looking for a good workout and a good orgasm, then The Squat is the perfect position for the task.

The top partner will be engaging their leg muscles as well as glutes and even core muscles, and the more intense the squats, the more calories the top partner will burn during the session.


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