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Wanna Have Fun in Public?

Do you know what's hot? S3xy stuff. Do you know what can make s3xy stuff even hotter? Doing that stuff, discreetly, in everyday life. While public s3xy play isn't for everyone, it's certainly a turn-on for enough people that it's constantly talked about. (Though there's nothing wrong with wanting to keep s3x solely in the privacy of your bedroom either!) But for a lot of people, the built-in s3xual tension with no "relief" partnered with adding kink to their everyday lives can be a powerful draw to kink in public. Not only does it give you and your partner a sexual "secret" no one else will know about while you're out, it also gives you both a fun, discreet way to add some flirtation and new memories to activities you've probably done many times before (like heading out to dinner).

I can't tell you much about the hundreds of times we went to my favorite restaurant - but I can certainly recount a lot more details about the time we went while we were wearing s3x toys to dinner! You can take the idea of "s3x public play" as in-depth as you want. For some people, the simple addition of public play sex toys is already A+ - they're very satisfied. For others, they might want to negotiate entire public play behaviors and dynamics for their s3xual relationship - to reinforce their D/s power exchange relationship when they're surrounded by others. Whatever you choose to do, here is some inspiration to help up the pot - and some tips to ensure your s3x play stays between the two of you:

Panty Vibrators

There's a reason that "public panty vibrator" is exploding right now - that's because it's hot! For a lot of people, the idea of adding vibrations and pleasure while no one is any the wiser can be an erotic experience all to itself. Modern panty vibrators aren't like the ones we had twenty years ago - in fact, they use magnets to keep the vibrator in place - so you can wear them on your favorite panties and in the perfect spot for YOUR body. Some panty vibrators, like the Satisfyer Sexy Secret, are even cell phone controlled - no remote control to hide in your palm!


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